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basalt fiber reinforced plastic manufacturers
BFRP Rebar, which chose basalt fiber as reinforced material , has highly strength and modulus than GFRP.BFRP rebar is also a construction material which have features of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It can also be composite molded and manufactured continuously. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete structure, BFRP rebar has better mechanical properties, chemical properties , physical properties and it can extend the life of the reinforced concrete structure in obviously corrosive conditions.
1. High strength :The tensile strength of BFRP rebar is two times more than ordinary steel of the same size.
2. Corrosion resistance:  It has excellent corrosion resistance which can't be realized by any other fiber fabric.
3. The density of BFRP rebar is just about 1/4 of ordinary steel.
4. It has excellent wave transparence and no shielding.
5. With its similar thermal expansion coefficient, the BFRP rebar won't produce high temperature stress.
6. No electric conductivity nor thermal conductivity.
7. BFRP rebar can be prefabricated to standard curve and other shapes.
8. eco-friendly to the environment
Application of
1. BFRP rebar can be used to solve the problem of corrosion resistance and lifetime of bridges as well as reinforced concrete structures in acidic and alkaline areas such as north area and wet south area.
2. It can be used to solve the difficult technical problem of the continuous reinforced concrete roads in highways and the welding of the reinforced concrete.
3. By mitigating the weight of the bridge, it can enhance the bearing capacity as well as the life span.
4. BFRP rebar can be used to permanently anchor the mine, tunnel and road slope.
5. Simplified construction difficulty results in the improving of efficiency, reducing the construction period and saving the cost of the production.
6. BFRP rebar can reduce construction cost and the total project expense as well as maintenance costs.
Technical Specifications for
Type No.Diameter
(mm)Ultimate tensile load
(KN)Cross section (mm^2)Ultimate tensile strength
(MPa)Modulus of elasticity
(GPa)Ultimate shear strength
1. Alkaline resistance refers to the strength retention of the filament at break after soaking in the saturated solution of 100℃ Ca(OH)2.
2. Magnetic susceptibility standard: 4×10-3SI(1×10-5CGSM)
3. Barcol hardness65

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